About CompetitionFeed

Nowadays it is vital for anyone working in competition law and economics to be up to date on the most recent and relevant news and blogs, journal publications and announcements from competition authorities all over the world.

New decisions, court rulings and journal publications can have a significant impact on cartel investigations, mergers, abuse of dominance and how these issues are dealt with by competition authorities, consultancies, law firms and academics.

CompetitionFeed is the perfect place to follow these changes. Additionally, CompetitionFeed provides an overview of important events and exciting job opportunities all over the world.


By aggregating material from over 300 sources and using artificial intelligence to pick out the most important articles, CompetitionFeed provides an effective way to monitor all this information. That would be impossible for any single person.


In 2013 Valur started building CompetitionFeed. The main motivation was that he got frustrated when trying to find quality material to read to be up to date on all of the latest competition and antitrust news, blogs and journal publications. Þórður joined in 2014, and the website went live in 2016.


There are two opportunities available. Either to advertise an event or post a job. If you are looking for a talented employee or want to promote your event among many of the most influential key people in this field, please contact events@competitionfeed.com or jobs@competitionfeed.com.


Valur Þráinsson

Founder with a passion for competition and antitrust economics & law. Responsible for making sure that everything, except the code, works.

Þórður Hermannsson

Programmer. Makes sure the codes runs smoothly day and night.